All For Helping

Join us in appreciating our nation's heroes and helping the homeless!

Meet The Faces Behind AFH

Hi, everyone! I am Katie!

I am the founder of All For Helping!

I started All For Helping as a platform for my family and I to help others while inviting the community to join in. My hope is that visitors are inspired to help others too. Whether it's becoming involved with us, volunteering at a local organization, or even just offering smiles to passers by. We all play a vital role in society- why not let it be an enjoyable one. I always say "why get upset- when you can get involved"!! You can read my whole lengthy story by CLICKING HERE.



My name is Tarciana

(face #2) and even though I look 16, I am actually 26! I lived with Katie in 2006, during my Au Pair (Intern. Nanny) Year, and we became friends, but to me they' ve become my gigantic American family ♥. I am Brazilian, living in Brazil right now, and finishing two majors: Engl Lit. and PSL (Port. as a Second Lang.). So, YES, I am a teacher! ;) I have been helping K. since January and I am responsible mostly for our Facebook page. (So let me know your thoughts about what's been going on around here: questions, suggestions...). I am proud of Katie and her accomplishments so far (aren't us all?).


This is face #3! Wonderful Jennifer helps at the AFH building. She contributes ideas, leaves lists for Katie, and keeps motivation and morale running high!! In a few words: she rocks! ♥

We need a new photo of Jennifer where we can get her to look and smile. So check back soon for an updated one!!