All For Helping

Join us in appreciating our nation's heroes and helping the homeless!

Thank You

We would like to take a moment to give you our sincerest thanks for all of your support toward all that we do. Without friends like you not nearly as many soldier's would be shown appreciation, as well as the number of homeless that have been fed and provided with toiletries and blankets. 


We may not, as of right now, be a huge organization- but our efforts and passion for what we do show results! Plus we do have HUGE goals to meet in the future and with your help we see no problem in meeting and exceeding them. 


 To keep in the name of friendship and honesty we'd like to share our goals with you. In order of priority here they are:

  •  To send every soldier possible a hug from home through an Operation: Send Some Cheer toiletry or snack care package. Complete with a handwritten letter of appreciation and support with our contact information to submit additional requests in which we will try to honor. 
  • Send warm wishes to injured veterans.
  • Raise awareness of homelessness with hopes to remove attached prejudices while feeding those we meet and composing a book to house their stories.
  • To become a non-profit entity. A true registered 501(c)3. We are working on raising the funds to pay for the legal and filing fees.
  • Long Term- Create a transitional housing complex of studio apartments, complete with an educational wing, along with group and individual therapy sessions for returning veterans and those that are homeless. Immediate relief will be provided as well as long term help and skills.

These goals are high, but not unobtainable. To date we have already sent over 1400 care packages to the troops and have fed well over 100 homeless individuals. The stories are just beginning to be recorded - so get ready for us world - we'll be breaking ground in no time!!